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Are you frustrated with your career and wondering if change really is possible? Then you're in the right place.

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. I work with mid-life, mid-career professionals who feel stuck as they sought to change jobs and find new careers. Often they find themselves wondering, "Does anybody ever really change careers? Why does it take so long? Am I going to be stuck forever?"

The truth is ... many people do change careers. But they don't follow the steps you'll find in most career change books.

If you are serious about career planning, I want to send you my Special Report, "5 Secrets of Career Change Most Career Coaches Won't Tell You." You will learn:

How to use the "Rule of 6" to research new careers

Why research shows most career search advice doesn't work

How the Career Change Game differs from the Career Success Game

How most career change really happens (based on research, not guesswork)

How to recognize career change supporters vs. saboteurs

This ebook shares info that I normally share when working one-on-one with individual clients. Just complete the form below, check your inbox and get ready for some serious career shifting.

5 Secrets Most Career Coaches Won't Tell You

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